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About L.A. Endocrine Care

L.A. Endocrine Care (LAEC) was established by Dr. Diana Echeverry-Franck, or Dr. Echeverry, in 2007, as a clinic focused in the Endocrinology specialty. The clinic offers specialty care in Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid disorders, and general endocrinology. Dr. Echeverry is board certified in Endocrinology (American Board of Internal Medicine). An hispanic female, born and raised in Los Angeles, Dr. Echeverry is bilingual in Spanish and English as is all staff at L.A. Endocrine Care. All providers are trained under Dr. Echeverry's philosophy of nurturing care and cultural understanding. All providers strive at improving compliance with their treatment and removing barriers to diabetes care. This can only happen when a relationship of trust is formed with the providers. This trust is only formed with time and patience. With over 1000 patients followed in our clinic to date (2011), we hope to grow more and provide the service to more patients who have a need for our services.

Dr. Diana Echeverry-Franck

Diana Echeverry-Franck, M.D.


  • Diabetes Management

    With the numerous medications now available, Dr. Echeverry feels it is possible to work with you to create a regimen that works for you. This includes working with the most affordable medications for your particular situation...

  • Diagnosis And Treatment Of Thyroid Disorders

    Dr. Echeverry is an expert in Thyroid ultrasound and biopsy, having performed over 1000 biopsies within the last 11 years. She follows the latest treatment recommendations based on the most recent studies and the American Thyroid Society, Endocrine Society's, and American Association for Clinical Endocrinologist's guidelines. ...

  • Woman's Heath

    L.A. Endocrine Care manages menopausal issues such as symptoms of menopause, osteoporosis prevention and treatment, sexual functioning and aging.

    L.A. Endocrine care can also assist with Endocrinology issues in collaboration with your Gynecologist...

  • Obesity And Weight Loss

    L.A. Endocrine care can facilitate weight loss by incorporating medications that work on appetite suppression, fat absorption and metabolism. Being an endocrinology clinic, LAEC providers can make sure your weight gain is not caused by an unknown medical problem...

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